Message from teachers and lady health workers… to the public!

A leaflet is produced by the struggling teachers and health workers for the public. Here is the translated text of the leaflet.

  • To live, one must fight!
  • Do you know the Punjab government intends to privatise thousands of public schools? This move will drastically increase tuition fees, making education inaccessible to the poor. Meanwhile, the children of the wealthy will continue to enjoy access to top-notch education.
  • Did you know that the government plans to terminate the pensions of lady health workers and other low-tier public servants? These are the same health workers whose efforts have protected millions of Pakistani children from deadly diseases like polio and measles.
  • These are the very rulers who, in order to cover up their corruption and incompetence, unjustly blame the hardworking staff of utility companies for high electricity costs and teachers for the failing state of public schools.
  • These leaders impose new taxes amounting to thousands of billions of rupees each year. The proceeds go towards enriching the capitalist class and bureaucracy, leaving only inflation, unemployment, poverty, and disease for the public.
  • Workers and employees of public organisations like Railways, Postal services, and others must unite in the struggle against these oppressive leaders, or they will even take away the last morsel of food from our children.
  • At this moment, teachers and lady health workers across Punjab are on strike, and employees from other departments are preparing to do the same. The public needs to join in protests and strikes. This movement is also against the increase in electricity bills and aims to unite the public against oppressive rulers.
  • Let us tell you that the people of “Free” Kashmir have taken the lead in the struggle against anti-people policies. They have protested against high electricity costs and have not paid their bills for the last two months.

Suppress us if you can!

Extinguish the light if you dare!

If the light goes out, a new dawn will come; if the voice is suppressed, judgment will occur!

Long live the unity of the working people!

Keep moving towards victory!