Tando Adam: Power Loom Workers Struggle

In Tando Adam City, more than 4000 workers are associated with the power looms sector. These workers are not provided with proper wages as determined by the minimum wage laws. They are not provided with any health and safety equipment or facilities. Labour laws in any form or share are not being implemented; this includes registration in EOBI to social security facilities, payment of government-fixed wages and ensuring a safe working environment. Due to all these reasons, anger among workers is at its peak. Incidents of worker deaths and injuries are increasing day by day. Neither safety equipment facilities are available nor is there any arrangement for medical treatment. PTUS condemn this exploitative proactive of company executives and supports the struggle of workers for their rights in an organised way. Only through an organised struggle in the workplace can workers get their due rights from executives. Workers need to trust in their own power. All government labour departments, including courts, favour Factory owners – they are, in fact, continuing every possible effort to intensify the exploitation of workers. Organised workers have the power to force bosses and the government to listen to their demands.