Karachi: The struggle and resilience of Pakistan’s coastal fishermen

In Pakistan, particularly across the expansive coastal regions of Sindh and Balochistan adjoining the Arabian Sea, as well as along its rivers, fishing is a widespread profession, practised on both a small and large scale.

This industry directly supports the livelihoods of over two million people, with even more involved indirectly. However, the fishing community faces increasing challenges, with each passing day bringing further decline. The lives of these fishermen are being pushed towards worsening conditions.

A primary issue lies in the pricing of their catch. Fishermen spend weeks and months braving the dangers of the open sea, catching hundreds of different types of fish, only to be paid minimal prices by middlemen who then reap substantial profits.

When these fishermen raise their voices against oppression and struggle for their rights, they often face harsh responses from state institutions.

Trade union activists under the banner of the Red Workers Front, based on the coastal strip of Ibrahim Hyderi in Malir, Karachi, are initiating a protest movement to recognise fishermen as labourers, recognise their trade union, and fulfil demands linked to job security and salaries. This movement invites fellow members of the fishing community to join, empowering themselves, standing courageously, and actively participating in the struggle against injustice. The call is clear: These seas are ours, and the people living around them are ours. United, we can resolve these issues. PTUS stands in complete solidarity with the FIshermen of the coastal region of Pakistan.