Teachers Killed in Pakistan – Tragic School Incident Amidst Examination Period

Parachinar, Pakistan. On May 4th, 2023, a devastating tragedy unfolded in a school in Parachinar when seven teachers were brutally murdered during their exam invigilation for the Matriculations (GCSE) examinations. The horrific incident has ignited a fierce debate surrounding the motives behind the gruesome attack.

While some official sources attribute the killings to an ongoing land dispute, others are suggesting that sectarian violence may be the root cause. Regardless of the underlying motives, the heinous act has been met with widespread condemnation.

The responsibility to ensure the safety of teachers, particularly when carrying out official duties, lies with the government. The Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity Campaign (PTUS) is demanding the immediate apprehension and prosecution of those responsible for the senseless violence.

A growing movement, known as Vilsey Pasoon, has emerged in response to alleged government’s inaction for rooting out terrorism, with thousands of protesters taking to the streets in towns and villages across the province.

We stand in solidarity with the teachers and the protesters in their call for increased safety and protection in the KPK region. We implore the government to take swift action to ensure the security of all teachers in Pakistan.

No individual should be forced to fear for their safety while fulfilling their professional duties, and it is incumbent upon the government to guarantee their protection.