Master Tiles Gujranwala: Bosses refused to pay 5 months’ wages – workers striking

The Master Group of Industries in Pakistan is a prime example of the exploitative nature of bosses. These billionaires are making billions of rupees from their businesses while their workers are struggling to make ends meet. One of their businesses is the Master Tiles Factory, where workers have been denied their wages for the last five months. This is happening when the current inflation rate in Pakistan is at its highest since 1974, reaching around 31%.

The workers of the ceramic factories have been protesting for days, demanding their rightful wages. However, the bosses and executives of the Master Group have turned a deaf ear to their demands. Instead of paying their workers, they have resorted to brutal tactics to end the strike, including calling the police to harass striking workers.

The workers are chanting slogans against the corrupt management of the Master Group, who have spent billions on lavish events like their son’s wedding while denying their workers their basic rights. The bosses and management have tried to deceive the workers by offering them only a month’s salary instead of the several months they are owed, citing a slowdown in business activity.

The workers have refused to be fooled by their bosses’ lies and have gone back to striking. The Commissioner, who is the Head of Gujranwala District Administration, has tried to intervene and force the workers to end the strike by offering them a mere Rs10,000 ($35), which is just 40% of one month’s salary on a minimum wage. This is an insult to the workers who have been denied their wages for the last five months.

It has been several days since the Commissioner’s promise, and the workers have still not received the Rs10,000($35)  they were promised. This shows that the bosses and executives of the Master Group have no intention of paying their workers what they are owed.

The workers are not backing down, and they plan to continue their struggle after the Eid festive season holidays until their demands are met. It is time for workers to unite against the exploitative nature of bosses like the Master Group. PTUS stands in complete solidarity with the Master Group workers and will raise the voice of their struggle to international workers for solidarity.