Sylvia Courtnage: A committed trade unionist and PTUS supporter is no longer with us.

We regret to inform that a die-hard and committed Trade Unionist Sylvia Courtnage is no longer with us. She dies on June 23 after a long and brave struggle against illness.

Sylvia became politically active in the 1970s, becoming a supporter of the Militant newspaper in 1974 in Portsmouth.

As a committed trade unionist, she played a key role in setting up the IRSF (Inland Revenue Staff Federation) broad left while working at London City Taxes, where she was a member of the union branch committee as well as a conference delegate.

Later as a member of the NUJ Book Branch, based in London, Sylvia played a similar role as a branch committee member and regular attendee to the union’s delegate meeting.

Sylvia was a particularly strong supporter of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign inside the NUJ.

Sylvia supported Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity Campaign by getting it affiliated with the National Union of Journalists. She often sends messages of solidarity with the PTUS campaigns and has always been on the forefront for supporting Pakistani youth workers in times of need.

Sylvia will be sorely missed by all of us.

We promise to continue Sylvia’s mission and struggle for workers rights and emancipation.  

We at PTUS extend our condolences to her partner Phil – also a supporter of Socialist Appeal – at this sad time.