Jammu and Kashmir : Brutal victimisation against workers for raising genuine demands

Source: Lal Salaam Pakistan

Electricity workers of Azad Kashmir region organised a protest against the illegal arrest of President of non-gazetted (contractual) workers Ejaz Shahsawar in which a large number of union workers participated. Electricity workers and staff in Azad Kashmir and neighbouring regions condemn this act of barbarism and threaten to strike if Ejaz is not released. According to details, one month ago, the head of operations of the electricity department Rawalakot transferred some of the skilled workers without following proper administrative procedures. Ejaz requested the operational head to reconsider his action and to follow appropriate procedures and rules which require workers consultation. The operation head filed a police complaint against Ejaz and his work colleague Nadeem Butt which resulted in their arrest, and they were put behind bars. It is normal for bosses to use police in Kashmir to harass, suppress and victimise workers. However, this time, all electricity workers were furious and went on strike. Immense pressures by workers forced the management to get both workers leaders out from Jail on 11 January 2019. The release of their leaders was a victory for electricity workers of Kashmir.