Economic Injustice in the Textile Industry: Yunus Mills’ Workers Demand Their Rights

Workers protest at Yunus Textile Unit 2 gate. (Photo Credit RWF Karachi)

On 27th July 2023, the workers of Yunus Textile Unit 2, located in the Landhi Industrial Area in Kohi Goth, staged a protest in front of the factory gate, demanding job restoration and complete payment of their dues.

Recently, 18 laborers from the factory, including women, were dismissed without payment of their dues.

Such forced dismissals have become a regular occurrence by the owners and management across all seven units of Yunus Textile Mills. In the recent past, workers from Units 7, 3, and those located on the Super Highway have protested, detailed reports of which we have published. Now, this injustice is continuing with the workers of Unit 2.

The terrifying exploitation of laborers has allowed the owners of Yunus Mills, the Tubba family, to be counted among the wealthiest in the country. This wealth is possible due to the economic exploitation of the workers. Those factory owners earning billions hesitate to pay amounts in dues to workers and staff who often live in extreme poverty in Pakistan. Even after the recent protest movement of the Yunus Mills workers, their full dues were not paid.

PTUS declares its complete support for the struggle and demands of the protesting workers of Yunus Textile and resolves to stand shoulder to shoulder with the workers in this fight. We understand that a collective struggle will have to be initiated by all the units of Yunus and their other factories and institutions. There’s a need to collectively fight against the shared anti-workers tactics of the owners and management across all factory units.