Unpaid and Undervalued: The Plight of Paramedical Staff at Sheikh Zayed Hospital

The salaries of the paramedical staff at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, located in the city of Lahore, have not been paid for two months. Prior to this, hospital workers had to struggle to receive their salaries, after which they were paid for two months, and now, once again, their salaries for two months have not been paid.

This issue is not only limited to the workers of Sheikh Zayed Hospital but is also prevalent in other hospitals in Punjab, where salary payments are delayed in the same manner, and after two months, only one month’s salary is paid.

In addition to hospitals, the salaries of railway workers are also being delayed by two months.

Furthermore, such problems are increasingly occurring in other public institutions, whether it involves the elimination of allowances or the cessation of new recruitments to work with fewer staff.

There is increasing exploitation of healthcare staff in hospitals and care centres. Full time work is converted into short-term contracts.

PTUS demands the immediate payment of salaries for the employees of Sheikh Zayed Hospital and commits to stand shoulder to shoulder with the employees in this struggle.