The new PTUS Summer Bulletin 2023 is out!

We have released a new bulletin for summer 2023, featuring articles and reports on the struggles of workers in Pakistan. You can download the bulletin by clicking on the following link:

In the face of an unprecedented economic crisis, with inflation soaring to 47% and the dollar rising over 150% against the Pakistani rupee over the past five years, workers in Pakistan rallied on May Day 2023 in 21 cities across the country, protesting issues such as privatisation, downsizing, and demanding wage increases in line with inflation. 

The textile industry, one of the country’s major sectors, faces severe challenges with factory closures, redundancies, and exploitation, particularly of women. 

The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) in Pakistan recently used the street theatre play “Machine” as a medium to shed light on this exploitation and emphasise the importance of collective struggle. 

In Tharparker, healthcare workers, including midwives, have been staging determined protests outside the Department of Health, demanding the conversion of short-term contractual positions into permanent ones, the release of withheld salaries, and the restoration of risk allowances. 

In a parallel struggle, workers of the Master Tiles Factory, part of the Master Group of Industries, have been denied their wages for the last five months, a period during which inflation in Pakistan has reached its highest since 1974. 

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