Solidarity with Nationwide General Strike of Indian Workers Unions and Farmer Organizations

Indian workers unions (under CTU) and farmers organisations (under SKM) went jointly on a nationwide strike on 16 February 2024.

Since the right-wing party BJP, led by Modi, came to power in 2014, continuous attacks on the working class have been ongoing. Modi’s government is rapidly pursuing the policy of selling public institutions, especially railways, electricity, communications, highways, and airports, to multinational companies, resulting in the exploitation of workers and an increase in capitalists’ wealth.

Unemployment and inflation are at their highest historical levels. Modi’s capitalist-friendly government has greatly enriched capitalists like Adani, while the class divide between the rich and the poor continues to widen.

There is growing public anger and frustration against these anti-people measures of the Modi government. To quell this anger, the working public is being divided on religious and ethnic grounds to foster prejudice.

Trade unionists and social activists advocating for human rights, or anyone who raises their voice against Modi government’s regressive policies, are imprisoned under the draconian law UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act).

The opposition parties led by Congress (India Front) also do not have an alternative to the anti-worker policies of Modi’s government.

In fact, the opposition parties too endorse the same anti-workers and anti-farmers policies.

PTUS support the general strike of Indian workers and farmers and stand in shoulder to shoulder with them in this time of struggle. We support their demands.