Punjab Engineers won their rights through immense struggle

Pic19-009 LAHORE: Dec19–Enginiores is protesting for their demand at irrigation office. ONLINE PHOTO by Malik Sajjad

All engineers working in Punjab province public sector organisations initiated a province -wise campaign to demand technical allowance in April 2019. They staged a massive protest in front of Punjab Secretariat and Punjab Assembly building. The participants were undeterred by all threats of the government and police and continued their struggle. There are many ups and downs in the struggle, but engineers were committed that unless and until their demands are not met, they want to move back. In the end, their heroic struggle was successful and the government that their demands.

This is an exemplary movement in which engineers not only struggled by themselves but also reached out to the workers and employees of other organisations who joined engineers rallies and protests to show solidarity.

It is important to draw correct lessons from engineers struggle. Several senior engineers are saying that their demands are met because of some kind-hearted politicians and government officials realised their mistake and made concessions. However, this is totally wrong. Engineers on their rights due to the immense struggle. If there are enough kind-hearted people in the government, why they had not acted years before when the same demands were placed before them, furthermore, similar demands are being made by workers in all public sector organisations and departments, but still, they are totally ignored.

Punjab engineers got motivated by KPK province engineers who did a similar struggle and won their rights several months before. There is a general understanding among public sector engineers in Punjab that only undeterred struggle and solidarity with the struggling workers of other organisations, one can win. This is against the narrative that concessions are possible due to someone sitting at the top. To get the fruits, you have to shake the tree.