Plain clothed officers harassing activists #EndStateRepression

While the international campaign was building up, we got news of more repressive measures by the Rangers. Yesterday, Tuesday, 24 April, another protest was organised in Karachi. There was another crackdown and four comrades were taken away by the Rangers: Jalal Jan, Shay Razai, Faras Raj and Yasir Irshad. Two of these were released very soon afterwards. Shay Raza and Yasir Irshad were held overnight for a longer period, but today were also released. Here we have a picture of the agent who ordered the abductions:

Man who arrested comrades

And here we have a post from a left-wing group reporting what happened.

At the same time, an official petition was filed with the High Court requesting the whereabouts of the abducted comrades, and solidarity started coming in from other left groups.

This is far from a complete report on all the solidarity and protest messages and activities conducted by our comrades and supporters all over the world. We will publish an update in due course. Lal Salaam!