Multan: Lady Health Workers won their fight for pay and conditions

Lady health workers who are visiting houses and providing immediate medical support to women across the country were protesting for many months for their pay, security, and working conditions. They were often met with police brutality during protests. But they showed their determination and courage to stand for their rights and demands.

At last Health department agreed to their demands and issued a letter in this regard.

(Image source: RWF Multan)

This is a historic win. These Health Workers worked in difficult circumstances due to pandemics. Several are working in dangerous situations facing extreme weather, harassment and physical assaults. They are not provided proper transportation facilities and their pay are lowest among health workers in a similar position within hospitals.

Workers representative celebrating victory (Image Source: RWF Multan)
A normal journey for a Lady Health Workers in northern areas in Pakistan, delivering health services to women at homes.

Multan Lady workers win is encouraging for workers working in the healthcare sector in Pakistan who are facing difficult times due to the pressures of the pandemic and negligence of the government in the healthcare sector.