Karachi: Workers protested for the implementation of Rs.25,000 minimum wage

On 23 December 2021, Workers under the banner of the Red Workers Front protested against the non-implementation of the minimum wage.

Sindh provincial government decided to increase the minimum wage to Rs. 25,000 (140 USD) per month. However, after six months, workers are not paid the increased minimum wage by employers.

Workers were outraged by this and organised a successful protest. They leafletted days before in front of factory and offices gates.

The protest was attended by representatives of different factory workers, including oil and gas, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Women worker leader made a speech and informed that Rs 25,000 (140 USD) minimum wage is a joke, but employers are still not raising. Workers have been suffering in the pandemic while businessmen profits are soaring.

Other speakers stressed that the wage disparity should be reduced so that workers can have a decent living. If the government does not enforce the implementation of minimum wage, workers will lay proactive measures to spread the movement to other parts of the country and industries.