Karachi: Thal Engineering workers protest in Karachi against Lay-offs

Thal Engineering Company is tier 1 supplier to major automotive brands such as Jaguar land Rover, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Daewoo. In a continued wave of sackings, a further 21 workers were fired from their job by the management. Resultantly, workers of Thal Engineering staged a protest in front of Karachi press club. The protest was joined by workers of Sui Northern Gas Company (largest domestic and industrial gas supplier in Pakistan), Adamjee Engineering Company, General Tyres Limited, Pixar Industries along with many others. The workers of Thal engineering were in fact protesting in January 2018 demanding their fair rights of pay and pensions. Workers and their leaders from different companies promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with the struggle of their fellow colleagues in Thal engineering. As Thal engineering belongs to one of the largest business conglomerate, Habib Group of Industries and The House of Habib.
Workers are still protesting on a rolling basis alongside negotiating with the management to revert back the decision of sacking the workers. Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity campaign consider it important to highlight the struggle of engineering workers and appeal to international workers organisations and unions in engineering and manufacturing sectors to support the struggle of engineering workers against illegal sackings and their genuine right of employment.