Cambridge students showed solidarity with the PTUS Campaign

A gathering of Pakistani students in Cambridge was held today at the Graduate Union Lounge of Cambridge University, today on 29 April 2018. During the event, PTUS UK organiser made a speech and introduced about the PTUS Campaign, the incidence of the abduction of workers and youth in Karachi and their release, and a brief introduction of current Pashtun movement in Pakistan.

The PTUS campaign was set up to connect Pakistani youth and workers struggles with the international trade unions, progressive organisations and individuals. Workers and youth in Pakistan continuously attacked by the bosses, state apparatus, imperialist aggression and Islamic fundamentalism. We believe that through strong solidarity with international working class, workers and youth in Pakistan can gain their rights significantly from bosses and the state.

Cambridge students were informed how workers and youth activists were abducted in Karachi during a peaceful rally the support of PTM by the Army and Sindh Rangers. The abducted people were tortured during abduction and then released after four days as a result of a successful international campaign organised by the PTUS in collaboration with trade unions, left-wing students groups and progressive organisations. Protests were held in front of Pakistani embassies and also in various cities including London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva, Stockholm, Toronto, Montréal, Edmonton, Napoli, Bologna, Prague, Alzey, Ghent, Pavia, Winterthur, Thurgau, Basel, Zurich, Bern, Parma, Liverpool, Wurzburg, Swansea, Gothenburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Kathmandu and many other places.

A leaflet was specifically made for this event saying “No more abduction of Pakistan are socialists” seeking solidarity from the students and also asking them to support and join the campaign. During the event, people signed up to the PTUS campaign and they express their anger against the state abduction of workers and youth in Pakistan. PTUS bulletins were also distributed to students along with the leaflets .