Comrades in Pakistan take action!

We explained what happened here, where you will also find all the information you need on the abductions, where to send messages of protest (along with a model letter) and a model motion. Below, we list the activities of the Marxists in Pakistan in solidarity with the Pashtun movement and all the solidarity activities that have been going on around the world since the abductions took place.

Here, we have a copy of the leaflet produced by the comrades for the 22 April meeting of the Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement (PTM). It raises the slogans “For Revolution”, “Against State Oppression”, “Against National Oppression”, “Against Forced Disappearances”, “Combat Illiteracy and unemployment” and “Against Capitalism”. It also says that the students and workers of Lahore extend solidarity to the PTM:

The comrades also produced stickers for the day. Here we have an example of one against the privatisation of education:

Pakistan demo 1

Below are pictures of the comrades intervening in the Lahore rally:

Pakistan demo 2

Pakistan demo 3

Pakistan demo 4

Pakistan demo 5

Here we have videos of the intervention of the Marxists in the PTM public meeting and protest in Lahore on April 22:

Many youth went to Lahore from Multan on buses, a journey time of six hours. The police tried to stop the buses but the students beat back the police to continue their journey.

Meanwhile, on the same day in Karachi, there was a solidarity protest of the PTM outside the Karachi Press Club. The comrades of Lal Salaam joined the protest and many of their leading members were there, who gave some very radical speeches.

In the video below we can see comrade Zain raising slogans:

Immediately after this that there was a crackdown on the comrades, some of whom were on a train back to Lahore. The Rangers stopped the train and abducted four comrades, while another three were abducted elsewhere.

Here we have a protest against the abductions in Rawalkot, Kashmir


There was also a major solidarity protest in Islamabad:

PTM leader comes out in defence of abducted comrades

An important development in the campaign was when the leadership of the PTM came out in support of the seven abducted comrades, issuing a bold statement that if the comrades were not released they would call on the masses to take strike action. Here we have the statement from Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen:

Coverage in the bourgeois media:

What had happened to the comrades started appearing in the bourgeois media, which was useful to spread the news of what was happening and helping to shine a light on the operations of the Rangers, who prefer to operate in the shadows rather than be put in the public view. Here are the reports in Dawn and Reuters.

These are a wonderful example of working-class solidarity from people all over Pakistan, we stand for justice and freedom and solidarity!

Lal Salaam!