Bail Granted to Rawal Asad

Today 6 March 2019 at around 15:00hrs, Multan court heard bail petition filed by lawyers of Rawal Asad. The judge briefly listened to the case and immediately decided to bail Rawal Asad. This is a great news for Rawal, his family, friends and all activists and supporters who were demanding Rawal’s release. There is a small bureaucratic procedure to get the bail papers signed and then present to police to get Rawal out of the jail. This may take one day before Rawal is physically out of the jail.

This is a great milestone achieved by the campaign to release Rawal Asad. It happened because of the international campaign for Rawal’s release. Student, workers and activists in all over Pakistan and in 20 countries around the world showed immense spirit of international solidarity and action that eventually forced Pakistani state to release Rawal Asad.

Rawal will be still fighting the sedition charges leveled against him by the state police. We have to keep the solidarity going on as we managed to get Rawal out of jail and unite with his family but ending sedition charges is still remaining.

Due to the gravity of economic and social condition in the world we will see thousands of youth and activists coming out for a struggle demanding their rights. We would not tolerate states to harass, intimidate and arrest activists who are waging a peaceful struggle. International solidarity is key to strengthen students and working class movements around the world. Workers united can never be defeated.

Precisely for this reason, PTUS will be working in linking Pakistan’s youth and workers movements with the international students, workers and trade unions.

We would like to thank once again all supporters of the campaign to release Rawal Asad. We will update you further on the sedition charges against Rawal Asad. Please sign the petition in case you have not signed, to keep yourself informed about the case.

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