Amar Fayaz Campaign – Support received form Labour and Trade Union Movements

Support from international labour and trade union movements starts arriving for Amar Fayaz. Concerned citizens, activists and PTUS supporters reached to their trade union branches, leaders and member of parliaments to show support for Amar Fayaz. Below are some of the supports we received for Amar Fayaz Campaign.

Motion in the British Parliament

6 socialist Labour MPs have submitted this early day motion to parliament calling on the release of Amar and raising the wider issues of human and trade union rights in Pakistan. The motion was supported by various MPs including Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party.

The EDM is available here in the link

Gilly, a Socialist Appeal activist in Leeds is saying:

“This is an excellent step but the campaign will not be over until we get our comrade back home. His whereabouts and the state of his health have been unknown for 22 days now. Please contact your MP and request they add their signature to the EDM. “

British Labour Member of Parliment Apsana Begum wrote to the Pakistan High Commissioner in London

President of Amalgamated Transit Union of Canada wrote to the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canada

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) is a workers union in the United States and Canada that represents employees in the public transport sector. It is affiliated to AFL-CIO of the USA and CIC of Canada. ATU has over 200,000 members throughout the United States and Canada.

President of the Canadian Freelance Union wrote to the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canada

The Canadian Freelance Union UNIFOR was created to defend the interests of independent media workers and to deal with growing inequities. This includes people working a contractor in any media (print, radio, TV, web). Majority of workers in media are shifting to contractual workers, contributing to an increasing UNIFOR membership in the sector.

Director of Workers United Canada Council wrote to the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canada

Workers United represents 10,000 workers across Canada, and 100,000 more across the United States. WUCC members speak over 50 languages, live in communities both large and small, work for international corporations and small local businesses, and can be found in a wide range of industries, including: garment and apparel; plastics, auto parts and industrial manufacturing; transportation, warehousing, and distribution; retail; food services; hotels and hospitality; cleaning services; the fitness industry; and healthcare and social services.

Letter from CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill,

Solidarity for Amar Fayaz from candidates in an independent workers’ list for the forthcoming constituent assembly in Chile
(candidatos de la Lista Independiente Unidad de Trabajadores para la Convención Constitucional de Chile)

Video Solidarity message (in Spanish) from Provincial Deputy of Santa Fe Argentina

Support of the Argentinean PTS (Socialist Workers Party)

PTUS Campaign thank all supporters for their tireless efforts to reach out to Labour and trade unions and appeal to supporters to write to their Member of Parliament and present motion to their Trade Union branches demanding the release of Amar Fayaz.

Campaign materials are available in appeal here. Please get in touch to support you in this at