Amar Fayaz Campaign – Huge international support received on digital and social media

Left-wing activists, Socialists and progressives showed immense support though online and social media. Due to the Covid restrictions, people organized online meetings to support Amar Fayaz Campaign and demanded his immediate release.

In every meeting, people discusses Pakistani state brutality, the pathetic situation of human rights and the recent enforced disappearances of student and workers activists by security agencies.

Supporters took pictures and recorded video messages and shared in social media. So far the campaign received solidarity from activists and supporters from all over the world

We are posting supporters demanding the release of Amar Fayaz from various countries, in no specific order, from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia and the USA.

CJSW – Radio Podcast on Amar Fayaz

The Almanacs – Podcast December 3, 2020

27 minutes

INTERVIEW: Jahan, an activist with Fightback (the Canadian section of the International Marxist Tendency) joins us to talk about the campaign to release Amar Fayaz. Amar was abducted by the Pakistani government on November 8th and the IMT has been mobilized to put pressure on the government to release him.