35 more arrested in Lahore! #ReleaseOurComrades

The leadership of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) issued a solidarity appeal last night on social media and asked for protests across the country for the nine comrades arrested by the Rangers. In one protest in Lahore today, however, there was a crackdown, and many left-wing activists, over 35 in total from different organisations, were arrested by the Punjab Police. These also include comrades of the Progressive Youth Alliance in Lahore. The activists, mainly students, were peacefully protesting the previous abductions and have been taken to Litton Road Police Station.

The activists are not being allowed any kind of assistance and all efforts to assist them are being blocked rigorously. We continue our struggle for the release of our three previously abducted and now we have to add these arrested comrades.

#ReleaseOurComrades #PYA #RWF
#PashtunTahafuzMovement #PTM


We will provide a detailed report soon and will inform all our comrades and sympathizers around the world of the situation here on the ground. Until then, we appeal to comrades to remain active and carry forward the campaign to highlight the atrocities of the Pakistani state against socialists across Pakistan. Lal Salaam!